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#245   kathyeMail13.09.2015 - 02:32
"SMOKIN HOT ELVIS" Prayers to his beautiful look a like daughter Lisa Marie who has to live without her Dad.

#244   john macavoyeMail01.09.2015 - 13:09
Sure enjoyed the silver sedan de ville as a present for playing songs for Lisa second birthday in N.C. Elvis wearing a white Naru style shirt,nice.

#243   Debbie SmytheeMail24.08.2015 - 04:11
I am on the verge of obsessed with you my darling! I will never forget where I was and how I felt when I heard of your death. Lithgow NSW Australia was the place and devastated was the feelingI did travel to Graceland some years ago to visit your home and your grave. I was there for the funeral of my sister inn law so the opportunity was there. I am grateful to have been and I want to go again before I meet you in heaven. PLEASE let me meet you there one day! You were the absolute best entertainer in the world, ever, and your voice is magic. RIP

#242   Irma AnniseMail10.08.2015 - 04:12
love you Elvis

#241   Pauline WeavereMail15.07.2015 - 21:18
What a beautiful man. He will never be replaced and he will always be loved. I saw him twice in concert and hold that dear to my heart.

#240   Heinz 25.05.2015 - 05:51
I got to see he's 198 Lincoln Continental when it toured Australia back in the 80s that was great had a .357 Magnum hole on the right fender cos he shot at the engine pierced the fender when the car broke down , had mechanical problems . That was good to see Toured the Focus Video show , same with The Blues Brothers car and Mad Max's Ford Interceptor

#239   Jenny24.05.2015 - 08:03
Sad but great site. Elvis The King Of Music!

#238   Tom23.05.2015 - 21:24
The world greatest entertainer, an icon, simply the best!

#237   WILLIE HENGSTeMailHomepage23.05.2015 - 20:59
my idol I,ll never forget him.

#236   Heinz21.05.2015 - 20:28
We lost a great human when we lost the King Of Rock 'n Roll . His talent was awesome and he had it in abundance. Sam Phillips should be more recognized for what he brought to the world in discovering Elvis Presley that day in the Sun Studios. Who would have thought Elvis would become a household name virtually overnight and through his talent as a singer '' The King Of Rock 'N Roll '' a title Elvis deserved. Unfortunately sometimes with fame and fortune you fall into traps , which for some are unable to get out off. Such was the case with Elvis . He's addiction to prescribed pills , which had disastorous results for Elvis in the long run. Ultimately leading to an early death from a heart attack at only 42. I will forever be a fan till i die , and one day when my time is up I hope to meet Elvis in Heaven with my mum and grandparents, (R.I.P. mum ) Until that time forever The King Of Rock 'N Roll.

#235   DAvideMailHomepage11.04.2015 - 03:10
The music and memory's of Elvis shall always live on in our hearts.

#234   Gerald Dewayne HartyeMailHomepage09.04.2015 - 22:44
sraight and accurate information

#233   Ann Marie Charette-PooleeMail16.03.2015 - 19:34
My mom was a huge fan of Mr. Presley, and she has turned myself into a huge fan also. She has every record that he recorded, even from the sun record company. I still have them and still play them and sing along with him. I love him and pray that he is at piece and loving eternal life with god.

#232   George TemeriskieMail14.03.2015 - 23:54
I suppose the money paid to doctor s were more
than a handsome pay out ..
The best singing voice ever !!
I play ELVIS ever day !!!!!!!!!

#231   Lesley AnneMail23.02.2015 - 13:45
I have just been to see Elvis's personal items at the o2 arena here in the UK i was only 10 when this handsome man died, and to see all his items , including the iconic black leather outfit among hundreds of items is truly incredible, i saw clothes his mum and dad wore, Elvis's sun glassed, Keys to Graceland, concert costumes, cars ... well you name it , it was there all shipped over by Lisa Marie from Graceland, just to let us who never got to see Elvis have a glimpse into their world, truly fantastic.

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(275 Entries in total )

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